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Reliance Nippon Life floats 3 AIFS to raise at least Rs 1,500 crore

13th Feb 2018

Anil Ambani-controlled Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management has floated three alternative investment fund schemes to raise at least Rs 1,500 crore READ MORE

Reliance AIF launches 2 equity-focused funds

24th Jan 2018

Reliance AIF Asset Management Co. Ltd has launched two new equity-focused alternative investment funds (AIFs) across which it plans to raise Rs1,000 crore, a company executive said. READ MORE

Reliance AIF to raise equity-focused fund of up to Rs1,000 crore

28th June 2017

Reliance AIF Asset Management Co. Ltd is raising its first equity-focused alternative investment fund (AIF) of up to Rs1,000 crore, called Reliance Equity Opportunities AIF-Scheme 1, a company executive said. READ MORE

Reliance AIF to raise Rs1,000 crore fund

23rd February 2017

The new fund—Reliance Yield Opportunity AIF Scheme 1—is targeting to raise Rs250 crore, with a greenshoe option of Rs750 crore. READ MORE

Reliance AIF to raise Rs 1,000 crore for realty investments

07th July 2016

Reliance AIF, part of Reliance Capital Asset Management Company, is planning to raise Rs 1,000 crore from the domestic and overseas market to invest in real estate projects across the country, said a top company official. READ MORE

Demand from the rich drives surge in local hedge funds

12th April 2016

The number of local hedge funds, entities that until now were based mostly on foreign shores, is surging on demand from rich Indians seeking higher returns. READ MORE

Reliance Yield Maximiser AIF decoded

06th October 2015

Decode the Reliance Yield Maximiser AIF with Shahzad Madon of Reliance AMC.READ MORE

Alternative investment funds industry doubles in size in a year

09th February 2015

AIFs report fastest growth among traditional investment vehicles such as mutual funds and market-linked insurance products. READ MORE

Reliance AIF raises Rs.400 crore, invests in four projects

12th November 2014

The firm is raising a total of Rs.1,000 cr under its first AIF initiative that was launched in early August. READ MORE

Reliance Capital raising up to $163M realty fund

12th August 2014

Reliance Capital Asset Management (RCAM) has launched a new real estate fund under Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) norms – Reliance Yield Maximiser Alternative Investment Fund Scheme I (RYM AIF) – with a target of corpus of up to Rs 1,000 crore ($163 million). READ MORE

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