Product Overview

Nippon Life India AIF provides differentiated investment opportunities through various unique offerings across diverse asset classes. We offer both Category II & Category III AIF investment platforms. Our current offerings include products under High Yielding Real Estate Space, Sector Agnostic Credit Space, Venture Capital Space and Equity Space.

High Yielding Real Estate Offerings: Investment in high yielding secured debentures issued by Indian companies / entities participating directly or indirectly in the real estate sector.

High Yielding Sector Agnostic offerings: Investment in well researched security of issuers with investment grade ratings, in an endeavour to generate meaningful extra yield over traditional investment options, without significant incremental credit risk.

Venture Capital offering: Offering Fund of Fund platform wherein Investors will have an opportunity to invest in a bouquet of well researched Venture Capital AIFs thereby having access to a large number of companies in the underlying portfolios across Indian Start-up Ecosystem.

Equity Offerings: Endeavours to invest in Unique & Differentiated portfolios based on Bottom-Up stock picking approach, which adheres to our proprietary “Must 5 Quality” Framework.

Investment Solutions

High Yielding Real Estate Offerings

High Yielding Sector Agnostic Offerings

Equity Offerings

NIEO AIF Scheme 8

NIEO AIF Scheme 7

NIEO AIF Scheme 6

NIEO AIF Scheme 5

NIEO AIF Scheme 4

NIEO AIF Scheme 3

NIEO AIF Scheme 2

NIEO AIF Scheme 1

Venture Capital


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